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All booking details for 2023 will be updated soon

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‘Whilst there are restricted views if you sit behind the stage the one advantage is that you can watch the musicians warming up in the wings. There is usually a lively atmosphere and you really feel like you are part of the event.’

Jane Davies


Festival Booking

There will be a new way of buying tickets for the Music Festival this year: via the Bridport and West Bay Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in Bucky Doo Square, Bridport.

There are three different ways to buy your tickets from the TIC:

  • By visiting the office in Bridport in person
  • By phoning them
  • By writing to them and requesting tickets for concerts
  • Online booking

The telephone number is 01308 424901

Bookings open Friday 29 April

The address to buy tickets in person or to write to is:

Bridport Tourist Information Centre
Bucky Doo Square
South Street
Dorset DT6 3LF

Tickets for August Festival not available yet

For the Music Festival in August, there will be an application form in the Festival Brochure as normal.  For the Spring Concert a note requesting tickets will be sufficient as there is only one concert.

If you have bought tickets over the phone or in writing, you will not need to pick up the tickets in person if that is not convenient. A member of the Festival Committee will pick up tickets from the TIC on the day of the concert.  They can then be collected from the entrance to the church.  Spare tickets will also be able to be bought at the entrance but obviously if the concert is sold out none will be available.

The TIC will best allocate tickets that are requested in writing, however if phoning you will be able to request the best seats still available. 

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Behind the church


12-20 AUGUST 2023

Six days of brilliant classical, jazz and world music with internationally acclaimed performers and a eight-day exhibition featuring some of the finest art and ceramics in the South West.

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